Supply Chain Management

If you need to:

  • Digitize your comprehensive supply chain with digitally automated procurement solutions
  • Support your supply chain cost and performance optimization
  • Integrate your product design and R&D processes through manufacturing execution and delivery

We have the solution.

Emdadat Solutions for supply chain management helps achieve seamless integration with your Systems, giving you access to unparalleled benefits, such as:

  • Demand management : Integrate forecasting, demand planning and product /service design with sourcing, production , and supply chain management in order to accelerate innovation and achieve better turnaround time to market and time to volume.
  • Efficient & effective sourcing: One-stop-shop for sourcing materials and services for multi-level BOMs to achieve volume production.
  • Effective supplier collaboration: Identify any potential supply shortages before they occur.
  • Stronger compliance: Supplier qualification coupled with sourcing will ensure mitigate supply chain disruptions byway of selection of qualified suppliers.
  • fulfillment Services : array for state-of art fulfillment services including order management , distribution, dispensing for general and temperature controlled products.