Helping orginzation to trade

As an extension of our export feature, Emdadat is both a facilitator of local suppliers trading internationally and also of international traders diving into local opportunities. Keeping the benefits of both in mind, Emdadat supports the notion by providing relevant opportunities for both forms of trades to take place safely and effectively.


Emdadat’s Knowledge transfer

If you need to transfer knowledge from one part of your organization to another, Emdadat is the answer. We specialize in knowledge management that seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users.

Facilitating Businesses

Business growth is desirable yet only a few have the necessary expertise and information to see it through. Emdadat will help you focus on business fulfillment units and make a stable plan to handle growth’s financial impact so that your business soars to previously untouched heights.