Healthcare Service Provider

In order for healthcare companies to value delivery for payers and their beneficiaries, as well as providers and their patients, they are embracing consumerization efficiently. Mastering this art of consumerization along with addressing today’s savvy, informed and perceptive consumers is adapted by the most visionary and farsighted healthcare provider of the digital era.

Emdadat can help you compete in this unrestrained marketplace with end-to-end patient engagement.

Attracting the new healthcare consumer with improved efficiency

There are numerous significant yet grave challenges faced by customers and providers as the health care industry transforms from volume-to-value-based systems. To effectively offer personalized engagement to the educated patient/beneficiary who demands more from their healthcare interactions, companies need to reject stereotypes and adapt to modern, customer-centered approaches in order to improve efficiency. Emdadat -Eco system helps to balance healthcare stakeholder needs and requirements.


Meet the demands of an evolving, quality healthcare market with Emdadat

Among the most pressing challenges in the digital healthcare scenario today is its consumer-focused behavior. That, along with the emergence of the educated consumer who demands more from their healthcare communications, is a principal force in the modern, patient-focused and quality-controlled emerging payments model, where remunerations result from improving health instead of merely treating sickness.

Attain Revenue Management Solutions

Emdadat has accelerated electronic revenue management for healthcare providers whereby it solves revenue problems and turns data into power with established workflow automation tools that interface with your existing practice management. This ensures reduced cost while simultaneously putting an increase in revenue.

BookDr platform and APP help healthcare providers to post their revenue management , develop knowledge and practices by providing medical decision support system and Continuing medical education approved by many national and international originations such as Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.


Highly responsive and professional work portfolio

Emdadat works with highly skilled professionals as part of our work portfolio. We have the top hospitals and healthcare providers as customers for our numerous solutions. All this would not have been possible without the diligence of our robust customer support team and we pride ourselves in bearing the most approachable and reactive support system in the industry.

Manage customer experience and quality of care

Emdadat helps organizations measure their common key performance indicators (KPIs) , patient experience while increasing staff productivity and patient and physician satisfaction.