Supporting Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia's Vision for the future whereby their long-term goals and expectations are expressed and the country's strengths and capabilities are reflected. Emdadat supports the Saudi vision for progress and development in all sectors, especially healthcare .


Supporting Local Content

We support Small and medium-sized enterprises , Through Emdadat’s we are committed to support local content.

Our infrastructure support SMEs to import and export , easy market access , effective awareness and advertisement using Emdadat marketplace as B2B enablment solution

Providing import / export feature

Diving head down in importing or exporting your products requires a huge amount of trust and positive reviews. We have both. Trust Emdadat to import or export premium-quality goods to your doorstep easily and efficiently.


Improved quality of care

We work with our partners to develop healthcare market , trade enablement , knowledge transfer , product and services availability , source of supply options and performance measurement to promote quality of care and the national healthcare system.

Digital transformation

Business and services transformation needs a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure. Emdadat partners focus on developing solutions and services that support digital transformation and create new opportunities Emdadat work as business enablement and market developers only without creating confect of interest or changing market shares, demand supply dynamics .


Omni-present, Personalized service

The modern-age citizens require online, one-stop shopping. Even government agencies are expected to deliver quick, convenient, and straightforward services. An Emdadat solution for citizen engagement provides modern, digital services across various channels to meet all those expectations and much more.

Support privatization

shift from public to private management is so profound that it will produce a panoply of significant improvements: boosting the efficiency and quality of remaining government activities, reducing Cost and customer satisfaction .

An Emdadat integration , sourcing , marketing and supply chain solutions provide modern, digital services across various channels to meet operational and business expectations , move from Capital Expenditures to Operating Expenses, pay per result as business model , purchasing /selling services , supply chain/assets utilization are just some examples where emdadat work to support privatization


Emdadat eases life and increases productivity

With Emdadat solutions it is easy to share data and other information. That, in turn, helps citizens and government easily share information across numerous organizations. Simultaneously, by creating streamlined services, Emdadat helps boost productivity. Agencies and citizens alike will benefit from simple yet speedy processes. Emdadat Share only the information that allowed and agreed by the confidentiality and proprietary information agreements

Corporate social responsibility

Issues that make a difference in the community require empowered citizens to get involved in decision-making related to those issues. Emdadat products and services are community Focused , we support remote areas quality of care, knowledge transfer and consumer willingness and satisfaction .


Master Data Management

The future of the data economy , As organizations race to make sense of the opportunities and problems associated with our increasingly data driven world, businesses are coping with the need to more accurately measure its true value. Emdadat Master Data management with integration with our partners we help organization to Find, enrich, prepare, and deliver accurate and consistent data that can trust to power quicker business decisions.