Local Content

Emdadat believes in breaking the walls down and stepping beyond the borders to help local distributors and companies to partner with international companies in order to build a community which is open to all systems and all types of goods and services in private health sector.

To make it possible, we have localized the international solutions. We have made the apps and extensions customized for Saudi Arabia so that you and your international partners can have an easier and quicker collaboration with complete supply chain visibility.


Healthy Living

Emdadat seeks to operate in a way that promotes healthy living for all. It offers services and solutions to help educate both doctors and patients. Its technological innovations are also connecting the right doctors to the right patients and helping the patients access the right medicines and much more. All in all, it has stood up to impact the quality of care and healthy living in Saudi Arabia by offering the optimal performance management systems for the private health sector.

Quality of Care

Emdadat is focused on improving the health facilities and Medical Service Providers to elevate the quality of care in the private health sector.

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    Healthcare Professionals

    We offer accredited learning as well as accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) for healthcare professionals.

    Our services for healthcare professionals include providing innovative solutions for healthcare, accessing healthcare knowledge and practices, easy access to healthcare training and events participation, maintaining licensing requirements and much more to ensure quality of care.

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    We at Emdadat are providing a one of a kind knowledge resource for patients, which include all the information about medicines and how they can access healthcare services and products.

    Moreover, we have improved the patient experience by providing them with new saving management programs and offering them an easy access to communication with good doctors. Apart from patient education and awareness, we’ve empowered them by providing transportation solutions for patients which has truly elevated the quality of care in the private healthcare sector.

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    We have provided innovative solutions to enhance the quality of care by educating how to trade and promote evidence-based practice in the healthcare industry.

    We have also focused on improving the relationship between doctor and patient by helping enable the doctor to treat and diagnose patients properly. That is how Emdadat has raised the bar of quality in the healthcare sector – simply by promoting the healthy practices for the wellbeing of all.