Logistic Warehousing


If you want to lower risk and avoid savings leakage, make supplier qualification and segmentation an essential part of your trading practices.

Emdadat Supplier Management is ready to assist you. Instead of you going door-to-door, it combines forces with the rest of your procurement processes and is your one-stop solution for all your supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk dilemmas.


Emdadat can help you efficiently channelize your spend on suppliers of your choice concurrently mitigating the associated risks by:

  • Integration of reliable supplier qualification and segmentation with other procurement procedures
  • Getting a collective supplier record with soaring confidence in the data
  • Balancing supplier risk management
  • Conforming to your complete supply base.

Everything from supplier onboarding and qualification to segmentation and performance management is covered by Emdadat for your convenience.


Precision & Reliability

Supplier enablement is the process of preparing a supplier to actively manage and transact commerce with their customers. Our vested interest is in providing an effective process for you to get enabled on Emdadat Network easily and work more efficiently with your new and existing customers.

Supplier optimization is a pivotal aspect for success in today’s dynamic global economy. You can achieve it by rejecting paper-based document exchange and creating real-time electronic collaboration with your entire supply base for drastically condensing the procure-to-pay cycle, conform to contracts and regulations, and accomplish working capital breakthroughs to lower supplier risk.

There are multiple options to help you swiftly move your suppliers to an electronic process while targeting and enrolling new suppliers to meet your combined commerce targets:

  • 1) Work with the supplier enablement service team and outsource enablement
  • 2) Manage the enablement process yourself by employing our supplier enablement automation tools
  • 3) Exercise a mix of both, automated tools and supplier enablement service team support.