System Components

Emdadat offers a comprehensive system that is easy to use and accessible for our clients.

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    Knowledge Management

    We spread awareness and responsiveness on the first level through Knowledge Management that seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. We help organization to Cut costs by centralizing the end-to-end management of supplier and vendor relationships as well as the raw materials or products they supply. Emdadat master Data management solution focused on centrally managing information about products sold through different distribution channels. We help our partners to Strategically manage customer information , customer retention for great customer experiences


    Emdadat Supply chain Services

    general and temperature-controlled suppl chain Services are vital in many industries, particularly in the transportation of vaccines, insulin, and blood. This presents many challenges for companies. Emdadat’s partners provide array of supply chain and fulfillment services that meet your business needs.

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    Payment Solutions, Collections, and Financing Options

    Emdadat’s payment and financing solutions offer advanced payment options, integrate with online payment gateway,SDAD,MEDA and Cash on delivery. We also offer financing options catered especially for your company’s needs to help boost your business.


    Business intelligence

    structure approaches to help organization to access new markets, utilizing current opportunities , facilities communication and support marketing and sales strategies deployment . Emdadat provides a single source for demand and supply visibility , source of supply discovery and help organization to communicate needs across different sectors and regions.

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    Master Data Management

    Control all of your product content for all of your channels from one place by Classify and categorize products, manage catalog versions and import multiple supplier catalogs at one place. Emdadat total solutions ensure that our partner’s products are fit for today’s market, Emdadat works with suppliers of all sizes to ensure its range embraces high quality and innovative products.. Emdadat Category management solutions is a strategic approach which organises procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spends. This enables our partners to focus their time and conduct in depth market analysis to fully leverage their procurement decisions. The results can be significantly greater than traditional transactional based purchasing methods. We help organization to manage spend , supply source development , risk management by grouping the items and service into manageable category


    Buy and Sell at one place

    innovative and international leader E-sourcing and E-Commerce solutions companied to create the most advanced marketplace in the region build in SAP technologies. Emdadat marketplace integrated with high performance supply chain companies , many financing and payment , integration platform with many connecters for common ERP solutions.

System Features

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    Stable infrastructure

    When disasters strike, Emdadat provides the stable infrastructure necessary for secure, efficient, and swift delivery of emergency supplies and medical care.


    Remarkable Scalability

    Emdadats system copes and performs under an increased or expanding workload. Our system that scales well increases its level of performance or efficiency when tested by larger operational demands.

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    On-Demand Solution

    Emdadat presents a Software as a Service (SaaS), online software and cloud-based software delivery model that is deployed and managed on a vendor's cloud computing infrastructure and accessed by users over the Internet as and when required.


    Unparalleled Support

    We take pride in our matchless support team that works diligently and insists on providing you with nothing short of excellence.

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    Technical and Integration Capability

    Acquiring new technologies and technical resources for research and evelopment practices is a key feature in the exponential growth of an organization. Technical capabilities like Structured Data Management Services are Emdadat’s critical technical facilitation elements. In addition, we are developing a new model of industrial organization based on systems integration. Rather than performing all productive tasks in-house, Emdadat is building the capabilities to design and integrate systems, while managing networks of component and subsystem suppliers.

Healthcare Solutions

BookDr. is a digital medical app that links patients with doctors and health facilities by providing free management and booking services. It is the B2C branch of Emdadat and has made the tedious mission of making an appointment much easier. Through BookDr., you can look for the best health facilities and doctors by specialty or location. Make sound decisions based on the reviews that help you pick the right doctor for your case. In addition, and in cooperation with Careem App, you can easily book a car to take you to and from the health facility through BookDr. We strive to enhance health awareness by providing a comprehensive medical encyclopedia, medical tips on different diseases and medications and through our 3D interactive human body anatomy.

We aim at creating an ideal environmental healthcare system for healthcare providers, doctors and patients and solving the issues that patients usually have to deal with when they need health services.


Service Features
  • Profiles for doctors and health facilities
  • Medical profiles for patients and their families
  • Managing appointments
  • Car booking service
  • Thorough follow-up with patient
  • Patients’ feedback on doctors
  • 24\7 online appointment management tool
  • Medical and pharmaceutical references for doctors
  • Interactive 3D Human Visualization Platform
  • Medical encyclopedia
  • Working hours and accredited courses for doctors
  • Booking appointments in advance
  • Evidence-based content
  • Credit learning hours
  • Promotions
  • Smart analysis and statistical reports