Who We Are?

Emdadat is Saudi limited liability company working on developing markets and enabling business to communicate and trade in secure, private and effective manners .

Emdadat collaborates efficiently on strategic sourcing, demand management , marketing , procurement, supplier management and financing solutions .

Simple Intelligent Sourcing


Transform, automate and manage procurement processes to make them highly streamlined, optimized and responsive.

Optimize your operations with Emdadat E-commerce and E-sourcing solutions

Digitize and experience one business transformation after another with a visionary next-generation solution, from the industry’s most trusted and experienced providers.

Make Emdadat your Sourcing Partner

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    We Listen

    We understand your sourcing challenges and devise personalized solutions for your needs.

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    We are One-Stop Shop

    Say goodbye to multiple contacts and work with Emdadat for all your sourcing needs at one place with your terms and conditions

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    No Conflict of interest

    Emdadat guaranteed no conflict of interest with our partners , we only facilitate communications and trade.

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    We are Adaptable

    We have experience people and innovative technologies for supporting your needs in a wide range of industries.

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  • Looking for Buying Solutions?

    Emdadat provides you with quantity that comes with optimum quality so you don’t have to waste your money or time buying the same product repeatedly....

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  • Looking for Selling Solutions?

    When your primary focus is on providing patient with optimal care, lower operational costs are required in order to bring the pressure on reimbursements down while shrinking margins to improve your pharmacy’s profitability...

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How we Empower your Business ?

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    There shouldn’t be barriers between you, your suppliers, your contract manufacturers, your information and your lines of business.

    Easy Partnership

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    Delivering high quality care to your patients with limited staff and financial resources demands new approaches and thinking in today's complex healthcare environment.

    Customized Financial Solutions

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    Today's exceptional focus on the individual patient has led Emdadat to breakthrough advancement in technology that is part of the transformation to cost-effective.

    Reduce Costs

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    Emdadat’s customized, ready-to-use template is your one-stop commerce solution for all your B2C, B2B, Telco, and Financial Services needs and dilemmas.

    One-stop commerce solution

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    Emdadat has accelerated electronic revenue management for healthcare providers whereby it solves revenue problems

    Revenue Management Solution

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    Even if your pharmacy business has gotten to a place where your company is stable and profitable

    Facilitating Businesses

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    The intention should be to build up local capability wherever possible, through education, knowledge and skills transfer

    Knowledge Transfer

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    Among the most pressing challenges in the digital healthcare scenario today is its consumer-focused behavior.

    Demand Management

Emadadat in Healthcare Sector

Who We Help

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    Healthcare Industry

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    Retail Industry

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    Services Industry

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